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Welcome to Community Gardeners

Let me explain what this site is meant to be.
  1. Networking Gardeners on the very most local scales first. Meaning your neighbors and people within a 15 to 30 minute drive from you.
  2. Connect Local Gardeners with Local Community Gardens and Local Nurseries.
  3. Swapping of seeds, seedlings and saplings.
  4. Swapping animals, materials, equipment, tools.
  5. Locals providing locals with feedback on what works locally.
  6. Searching profiles based on geolocation meaning within a given miles/km radius.
  7. Listing classifieds to sell or trade anything gardening related, again geolocation searchable.
The forum and wiki will be dedicated to mostly seed saving, plant propagation and tree propagation. The blog will be about anything listed in the main menu. In time I may invite some of the more interested members to write some blog post. I may also invite them to moderate the forum and wiki. I will start by advertising in my local area Central Arkansas to find members. Then by word of mouth maybe the rest of the country or world can join in. If I find it useful in my area so may others.